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A motivated individual can achieve a lot in a short few years. A fantastic example of this would be Bryn GilbertGrant. Even though he's only 30, he's worked in a number of fields, in both paid and voluntary capacities, simply because he was interested and wanted to learn. As a youngster he was passionate about the beach and became a lifeguard, winning competitions along the way and learning emergency lifesaving skills and knowledge that will serve him the rest of his life.

Not long after that, he chose to go into the plumbing trade and has since been employed in many aspects of plumbing, from household construction and repairs and plumbing maintenance, through to working in the gas mines. He worked his butt off in the heat in central Australia, learning his trade in one of the most dangerous environments possible, but took it all in his stride, and the payoff has been worth it, and has given him a sense of pride in himself and his achievements that only hard work can provide.

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We decided to sit down with him and ask him a few questions about what motivates him as a business owner, and as a man of few words, he's definitely all about taking action and getting the job done. When asked what made him want to start his own business, his response spoke volumes, "I enjoy working with my hands and my head and having new challenges to solve every day. Trade work has allowed me to see things and go places that very few people will ever have the opportunity to experience!"

His training before going into plumbing is wide ranging and extensive, Bryn says "My plumbing apprenticeship spanned the GFC so I had a bit of a gap year in the middle that I used to gain experience in other areas of construction. It was one of my character building years. Through my apprenticeship with some very good plumbers as teachers, I have been exposed to a very broad scope of work." Eventually, after completing his apprenticeship he spent five years working on some of the biggest industrial gas projects in the world before throwing in the towel to work from home and be closer to his family.

He describes his ideal customer as being the kind of person that wants a high quality, safe job done right the first time and considers his biggest weakness/area of opportunity personally to be his sales and business skills. To that end, he's been working on improving on that weakness by getting coaching as well as studying from his own source of knowledge, plus complementing that with getting out there and getting hands on experience. He's definitely not afraid of getting his hands dirty!

Hence his decision to start his own plumbing maintenance business, which is still in it's infancy. He's followed start-up plans advised by successful professionals, as well as learned from experiences in previous jobs, to come up with his own model as a maintenance plumber that works for him, and with his standard of work quality, it will definitely work for his customers too.

His main goal and the achievement he's most proud of is having happy customers, and with a growing reputation for quality workmanship, Bryn says that if you want a quality plumbing maintenance job done right first time for the right price, lets talk!


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